Free Spanking For Pleasure Trailers


Woman Flight Officer Fennington (Janus star Sophie Fennington)  is on the final strait of her inauguration into Department S, a special division of the Air Force. To pass her final exam she must prove that her pain threshold is well above average. This can be achieved in many ways but the technique preferred by Group Captain Graves is the most original. In short, he subjects the girl to the indignity of a caning on her bared bottom. The soft white skin of her cheeks are soon criss crossed with angry red stripes. Her ordeal is not yet completed as she face the nude cold shower treatment.  A Fennington Films Production in association with SFP.



Scandal at St Mary's convent when two young nuns, Sister Sarah and Sister Katerina are discovered indulging in the forbidden fruit of indecent and salacious love for one another. Mother Superior enlists the aid of Father Maloney and between them they resolve to scourge these impure thoughts from their young minds. Using a strap, a cat 'o nine tails and sturdy rod, the pair attempt to reform the girls through castigation of their naked writhing flesh.  An SFP Production.


Bored housewife Gina Knight is under psychiatric care for her alcohol problem and her excessive sexual fantasising. The treatment she has so far received has had little effect. Dr Zubatski's last resort is Treatment X, a pioneering new therapy that involves her husband administering Corporal Punishment.  Interesting footnote- The model who played Gina in this video confessed afterwards  that during the riding crop scene when she was on all fours, she experienced and intense orgasm!  An SFP Production.



Dr Roger Chalmers is a well respected psychiatrist who is renowned for his unorthodox approach. When a female patient seeks his help to combat her deep seated need to be spanked, dominated and disciplined she is surprised when the prescribed treatment is....Spanking, Domination and Discipline!  A harsh but carefully planned aversion therapy using bare hand, slipper and cane on the bared bottom of the startled patient certainly gets results. An SFP Production.


Lesbian Sharon Perkins is unemployed, broke and hopelessly in arrears with her community charge bill. Rescue arrives in the form of kinky council official  Derek Beadle. His suggestion that she works off her arrears by submitting to bare bottomed spanking is given a lukewarm reception at first but reluctantly she agrees and ends up on the receiving end of some severe discipline using hand, strap and cane enthusiastically administered by the beastly Beadle. By the end of the day her bottom is hot red and sore but her financial worries are considerably eased. An SFP Production.



Mr Jarvis and his assistant Mr Mellish operate a centre at which persistent offenders can be sent for CorrectiveTherapy. Firstly an habitual shoplifter Penny Wise is punished by spanking, strapping and caning. Secondly, nurse Julie Nelson (Sophie Fennington) is a slovenly nurse sent for poor time-keeping and suspected theft from patients. She is harshly punished including a strapping across her back and bottom and a severe caning. Lastly thief Katy Robinson (Josephine Scissons) is severely caned. These girl will not be back before Mellish and Jarvis. They have learned their lesson the hard way.  A Tallion Video.


When millionaire sugar magnate Sir Winston Johnstone returns to the West Indies on business he places his precious daughters into the care of his friend, the wealthy philanthropist James Lawrenson.  The girls are to stay at his country retreat in the Cotswolds. They think they are on to a good thing but soon discover that they have to earn their keep by becoming his maid servants! Self styled 'Uncle Jimmy' then uses every excuse in the book to practice his favourite pastime, namely spanking bare bottoms,  especially firm black ones!  Damaging the family silver with the incorrect polish and using the swimming pool without permission results in hot spankings and canings for the girls. This is a holiday they won't forget in a hurry.    An SFP Production.